Establishing an Enterprise-type of solution is challenging because it requires that organizations agree on company-wide standards for the related:

  • Processes
  • Data structures
  • User Roles
  • Reporting formats.

This introduces a considerable amount of complexity and risk.

SDLC Service Concept

We support EPPM / EPC initiatives as formal projects with:

  • a committed customer team,
  • appropriate end-user involvement,
  • an active steering board,
  • specified decision points.

At every stage of the execution according to the "Software / Systems Development Life Cycle" we deliver the specific guidance and product knowledge as needed.

Requirements Analysis - Design - Implementation - Testing

Some typical tasks that must be completed in these phases are:

  • Mapping of the given project landscape onto applicable data structures and creation of standards
  • Definition of user groups and related processes as well as respective system configurations
  • Creation of management reports
  • Interface development for data exchange with related IT systems
  • Establishment of an organizational unit that takes responsibility for system administration and data quality assurance.

We leverage our expertise and experience within the project team to make sure that stakeholder expectations are met and the results are fully consistent with best practices and recommendations given by the software suppliers.


For this phase we supply Trainings and Ad-hoc support.



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